Who we are?

JOMIDOO LTD is an IT company; we develop bespoke solutions in line with approved standards to improve SME’s productivity and efficiency in operations

Growing Small Businesses


We work with SMEs for guaranteed results.

Why we exist?

Jomidoo exists to give you a one-stop-shop solution for your business challenges technologically

The Problem

How do you feel after investing your whole life savings, your time, and your energy into a business and within two (2) years of operations, the business crashes out? Bad right?  So many people have experienced this, my dad is one of them.

It is very devastating to see family and friends put in so much sacrifices in starting up an enterprise and seeing it crash under your watch, My father started up a clinic after retirement, but ended up treating patients (relatives) for free/on loan, of course he ran out of cash and eventually, there was no money to restock inventory and pay salaries. I still see some people making this same mistake. so hear what Forbes has said 8 out of 10 start-up businesses fail within their first 18 months
Yes, according to SMEDAN, Nigeria has 41,500,000 MSMEs but Business day blog has reported “61% of these businesses failed

When a business flourishes, both the founder and staff are happy, the standard of living of these people together with their families goes up. Money exchanges hands in the marketplace, the GDP of the state also rises, but when a business fails, things become very difficult, standard of living drops, and poverty becomes the order of the day and the rate of insecurity goes up.

The Solution

Business Plan

Report from the research we carried out on MSMEs showed  “75% of startup businesses that failed did not have a business plan before starting up their businesses.”

Just as every skyscraper requires a building plan from an architect, a business that will survive the test of time requires a plan. A business plan is a document that helps entrepreneurs focus on specific steps (short-term and long-term objectives) necessary to make their business ideas succeed.

So, we developed a business plan template to help SMEs capture and measure business goals and analyse the viability of their businesses before launching out. it will also help them to remain in business by staying focused on the set objectives

Product Visibility

Another failure reason is:  Lack of Product/Service visibility“.

Most entrepreneurs do not know that it is one thing to have a good product/service and another for customers to know your products or services exist.
We let people know your product or service exist through different social media platforms and other channels like  Emtos Marketplace 

Emtos Marketplace is an online market for vendors to upload their products/services and start selling . It creates  a web page for you to sell your products or services online.
We  also train businesses on how to monitor their sales through google Analytics for better performances and customer service

Data Analysis

Record-keeping and Data analysis“.

We mentor businesses, one challenge most of them have is keeping good records. Keeping good records cannot be overemphasised. That recharge card money you took from business funds and forgot to record can harm your business over time as a start-up.
If you don’t have good record-keeping system in your business, then you are not in control of that business, because you cannot make meaningful insights from data to guide your decision making and a business you are not in control of, is on its way to failing.

We develop and sync systems and processes to automate record-keeping hassles for SMEs.
A good record-keeping and analysis helps Entrepreneurs to take proactive steps and remain afloat in business
 record-keeping and system setup.


We bring to the table win-win strategies to ensure business continuity for your business.

JOMIDOO LTD is an IT company; we develop bespoke solutions in line with approved standards to improve SME’s productivity and efficiency in operations

Technological innovations for business growth

To become a unique sought after IT Company in Nigeria offering automated business solutions in-line with best practices for sustainable business growth by 2030

At Jomidoo Ltd, we are focused on providing professional and standard Solutions that assist businesses in operating sustainability so that employees of SMEs recommend to their organizations, professionals prefer for their clients, Governing bodies select for their customers and our employees are proud of, and investors seek for long term returns.

D – Data Integrity
E – Expertise Advice
C – Customer protection
A – Affordable
T – Timely delivery

Sustain customer satisfaction rate of 98%

Attract and satisfy new customers

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