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Who we are

Jomidoo Ltd is an innovative Information Technology (IT) company.
Our core services include: software development and IT training. We are dedicated to developing bespoke applications for SMEs and providing comprehensive technology and STEM education.

Our motivation springs from recognizing the gap between traditional education and the demands of the digital age. We are driven to empower students, teachers and professionals with vital skills, fostering innovation and enabling success in the modern world.

Our Vision

To ignite transformative change in education across Nigerian States, empowering students, educators, and communities with essential technological and STEM skills.

We envision a future where every learner is equipped to thrive in the digital world, driving innovation and prosperity for generations to come.

Our Mission

To revolutionize education by providing cutting-edge technology training and STEM programs to students and teachers. Through personalized learning, hands-on experiences, and industry partnerships, we aim to bridge the digital divide, foster creativity, and prepare our learners to excel in a rapidly evolving world.

Our Value Proposition

JOSMA Value Proposition 2

Our Slogan

Ignite Learning, Empower Futures

Our Tagline

Empowering Minds, Unleashing Potential in Education and Technology

What sets us apart?

What sets Jomidoo Ltd apart is our holistic approach to addressing both educational and societal challenges. We fuse top-notch curriculum, hands-on learning, and a profound commitment to community development. we're a force for positive change. Our social innovation initiatives targeting the girl child, youths and women amplifies our impact. Our commitment to equipping young minds with vital skills aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our Team

Our experienced team boasts a proven track record in education, technology, and community development. We’ve meticulously crafted innovative curricula, blending online and in-person learning for optimal engagement. This approach ensures practical skill acquisition that directly translates to real-world applications.


JoyceMimi Addingi

Software Developer, Data Analyst

I help organizations function in a healthy and productive way
Godwin Aondohemba Addingi 2

Godwin Aondohemba A

Sales and Marketing

I help organizations meet their sales target and remain solvent

Daniella Nguemo Terhemen 2

Daniella N. Terhemen

Education / Speech & Etiquette

I help children & adults to improve on spoken English and build self confidence  

Are you dedicated, hardworking and a qualified Teacher? Join Us!

Qualified teachers can upload their training materials to help students learn subjects like English, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, chemistry and several other subjects.
This will help students to be better positioned for their national exams

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