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JOSMA is school management application for primary and secondary schools.

It keeps records of both academic and financial transactions of each student.

With JOSMA, school teachers can conduct zoom trainings and upload videos and other resources for students use.

Registered students can login and learn.

Parents can also login to monitor children’s performances and download report card.

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Jomidoo Hotel Management Application.


JoHMA is Hotel management application for Hotels.

It keeps records of bookings, reservations, check-ins, checkouts  and financial transactions of each client from room-booking to bar and restaurant spend.

With JoHotMA , hotels can receive payment from customers online before they check-in.

Bar and restaurant inventory management is touch notch.
Users with admin privileges see transactions on real time, as accounts sync departments

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Jomidoo Hospital Management Application.


JoHosMA is Hospital management application.

It keeps records of  both old and new patients, and their medical records from department to department. all records sync accounts department.

Financial reports are also generated at the click of the button.

we provide inventory management services to hospitals running restaurant businesses in their hospital too.
Users with admin privileges see transactions on real time, as accounts sync departments

Jomidoo Enterprise Tracking Solutions


Most businesses fold-up due to lack of proper record keeping in place

For you to start and run a successful business, you need to start keeping proper business record

so, to help your business we created arrays of products also considering businesses with lean budget, too:

Inventory Management System, Payroll, CRS, etc

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