Donate Computers for Kids' remote learning

A number of Schools in Nigeria have been shut-down due to incessant unrest in some part of the country. Students from the affected areas are sent home for safety or school fees challenges, some of the ‘girl-child’ will never return back to school anymore but rather given into marriage. Children from most of this early marriages end up on the streets. 

Quick and easy steps for donating your computer or paying for coding training for a child or children

Pickup Service

All you need to do is give us a call or send us a mail and we will send you a form to give us information on how you want us to pick up the laptop or laptops

Delete and Fix

If there is any data on the computer collected, the files will be deleted so, when donating computer(s), please remember to back-up your data, because the computer will be upgraded (if need be) and a new computer is born

Distribution Centre

Depending on the number of computers ready, best performing students in class will be considered first to make the child happy and encourage high performance. The package will include a computer accessories and complete technical support.

Send us a message for pickup

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Sponsor a kid's coding training

Thank you for your interest to put a smile on a kid.

When you Sponsor a child, or donate a system to support his/her learning, you help guarantee his/her future by taking him off the street or reducing the rate of early child marriage and reducing insecurity in your community. Education is power.

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