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Jomidoo Skills Master Training - JOSMAT

JOSMAT is the integration of entrepreneurship training into the curriculum with emphasis on practical application to solving real-world scenarios.

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Business Plan Writing

Learn to develop dynamic and strategic roadmap, encompassing all vital aspects of your organization's operations and growth trajectory
products and services

Products / Services

Learn processes, supply chain management and organizational structure. A streamlined operational plan will ensure efficiency and scalability.

Mentorship Programs

We collaborate with industry professionals to provide mentorship and guidance on key performance indicators (KPIs)
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies

Get insights into market trends, size, growth potential, and key competitors. This is vital in identifying growth opportunities and positioning your organization strategically..

Financial Management

Learn to set financial projections, conduct Ratios and key financial metrics to provide a comprehensive understanding of your organization's financial position today.
Ideas Generation

Ideas Generation

Have you ever faced the challenge of coming up with fresh and innovative ideas? Whether you're an entrepreneur, a writer, or anyone seeking to solve problems creatively, idea generation is a skill that can be honed.

Economic Empowerment

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