Jomidoo Ltd is an innovative Information Technology company.

At Jomidoo, we develop bespoke applications for clients and offer diverse training programs designed to equip students with essential skills in Coding, ProgrammingComputer Appreciation and Entrepreneurship.

Through hands-on projects, interactive workshops, and mentorship, we foster a dynamic learning environment that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Our core services include:  Information Technology training with a strong focus on STEM education, AgriTech and Skills  Acquisition Building

We are dedicated to empowering students, teachers, women and youths for this digital era

The training platforms are: 

JOSMA  means Jomidoo School Management Application.

  • It keeps records of both school activities (like students information, subjects, tests and exams records, etc.) and  financial records (like fees collected, salaries paid, stores and purchases records of inventories (books & uniforms and food) 

  • A 2-in-1 application designed to automate an entire school activities ranging from Academic to financials.

When your school business is just starting up, you’ve got little activities going on, so, manual record-keeping is easy, however, as activities increase, getting report from the manual data to make on-time decision becomes more difficult, data becomes more redundant as departments work in silos.

Remember, without good record keeping in place, you have no control over your school business, and a business you have no control over is on its way to collapsing. This is one major reason why businesses fold up.

JOSMA is designed to take care of your schools need, it synchronizes all departments of your school to present standard report at the click of the button, for an on-time decision making, this also eradicates redundancy of data and saves cost.

JOSMAT is an acronym for Jomidoo Skills Masters Training.

JOSMAT is focused on providing cutting-edge training programs and specialized teacher training in the fields of
– Coding,
– Programming ,
– Entrepreneurship and
– STEM Subjects 

– Teachers Conduct Live Zoom Training,
– Students watch uploaded videos, read notes, submit assignments.
– Schools receive Fees and make Payments online,
– Parents login to check students report card and pay fees.
– Accountants keep financial records,
– Librarians keep records of books movement,
– Administrators assign privileges,
– Transport Unit manages routes etc

Teacher Training

We are committed to enhancing the knowledge and teaching methods of educators. Our specialized training programs empower teachers with the latest industry insights, pedagogical techniques, and technological advancements.
We aim to inspire and guide the next generation of innovators by equipping teachers with the tools and resources they need to effectively teach STEM subjects, computer appreciation, coding and Programming.

Students Skill Acquisition Training

To empower marginalized communities, particularly women and youths, through Jomidoo Skills Acquisition Program (JOSAP), providing them with valuable skills and entrepreneurship training.

Our team of skilled software engineers collaborates with clients to create customised software applications that meet their unique requirements.

At Jomidoo, our mission is to bridge the digital divide, promote digital literacy, and nurture the growth of individuals and communities. We are passionate about unlocking the full potential of technology for education, professional and  business growth.