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Jomidoo Schools Management Application - JOSMA

JOSMA is a School Management Application designed to automate schools manual processes and complete those various tasks without consuming too much time and effort.


See some of the portals

Principal Portal

The principal or head of the school can check the overview of the schools overall activities. .

Teacher portal

Teachers post videos and other information that will help them connect with students.

Parent portal

Parents monitor children’s everyday activities and keep up with schools as well as teachers

Student Portal

Students login to attend zoom classes, check time table or watch video trainings, etc .

Staff portal

With its multi-user functionalities, Staff login from various units to handle different tasks

Accounts portal

Captures all revenues (fees, uniforms sales, etc) and all Expenses (working capital)

Scale up and meetup global standard

Features of JOSMA

Schools receive fees and other payments online or register payment receipts made on the portal

Class, test, exams, report card, fees received, fees pending and a lot more of each student is tracked at a click of the button

Registered students can login and learn more.

With JOSMA, school teachers can conduct zoom trainings and upload videos and other resources for students use.

Teachers: Assigned to subjects and classes, they monitor and promote students, their salaries paid and or owed are also tracked etc

In charge of books management system of the school

The inventory of books are tracked, books for sale and books in the library. Students activity in the library are also recorded.

All Receipts (e.g. fees collected), payments and fees or salaries owed are recorded and tracked to help with cashflow and asset management

Incharge of school activities, they give permissions to other staff

This shows Record of all school busses and routes, cost associated with this department are also captured with staff incharge

 School bus routes are monitored with teachers attached to each driver of the bus, reports are expected and documented daily

Parent(s) can login and view or download child/children’s report card and follow up on other messages or information.


Follow up on mails and inquiries from members of the public. Receptionists’ activities are tracked for milestones set. To be sure that they are attending to client appropriately.

JOSMA is targeted at both primary and secondary schools. It keeps records of both academic and financial transactions of each student.

Access from Anywhere:
JOSMA can be accessed from anywhere and at any time

Multi-User Functionality:
Each module of JOSMA comes with different features, hence, multiple users in a single module can use and access data seamlessly.

With JOSMA learning becomes easy.  Schools can deploy JOSMA for students onsite and online.  so, whether schools are on strike or in session, learning can still continue.