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Jomidoo LTD
… technological innovations for business growth

What we offer

Software Solutions

We develop bespoke applications for  businesses. 


Are you an individual, school or business and want to improve your skillset?
Then get trained by us. We have amazing hands-on training tools that will help you, your school or business skill up for global recognition

System and Processes setup

No matter how big or small your business is, systems and processes can help you get bigger, faster.
Lets create your systems based on your business needs
(Marketing, Sales, Communication, Product development,
Customer support, Content creation, etc).
processes are what help your systems run smoothly.

Web Design & Web Development Training

We run trainings for individuals, schools and corporate organizations:

Record Keeping and Accounting Software

Jomidoo Enterprise Tracking Solutions (JETS) is designesd to meet industry standard and fit startup budget

Web Design & Web Development Services

We develop bespoke applications and web sites for clients

Business Applications

This is a one-stop-shop to help businesses take charge of both financial and non financial records.
We have applications suit for your industry,

Business Training

As a technology company, we teach Tech to entrepreneurs as (techPreneur)

Expert Advice

We run SME's clinics quarterly

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