Donate Computers for Kids' remote learning

Numerous schools in Nigeria have been closed because of ongoing unrest in certain regions of the country. Students residing in these troubled areas are being sent back home either for their safety or due to financial difficulties in paying school fees. Unfortunately, some of the young girls are forced into early marriages and may never return to school. As a result of these early marriages, many children end up living on the streets

Quick and easy steps for donating your computer or paying for coding training for a child or children

We partner with schools to teach:
– Coding,
– Advance Coding /  programming and
– Entrepreneurship.

We also run competitions among schools and
reward great achievements.

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Thank you for your desire to bring joy to a child’s life.

When you sponsor a child or contribute to their education, you play a crucial role in securing their future by keeping them away from the streets, reducing the likelihood of early child marriages, and enhancing community security. Remember, education is empowerment.