Why we exist?

Jomidoo exists to give you a one-stop-shop solution for your business challenges technologically

See the problems that exists and the solutions we offer

Bespoke Applications

We develop bespoke Applications for clients in Business, Not-For-Profit making and Government


We run I.T (Information Technology) and Business training's for individuals, schools and organizations.

Systems And processes

We systematize business processes. Without systems and processes, your business has no foundation and will crumble or crashout.

We are pretty good at helping you achieve your goals

Our Business Solutions and Trainings are focused on  efficiency and productivity in operations 

Your Success is our purpose

Capitalise on our low hanging fruits and build your business

Talent Hunt

The world has become a global village and coding is the big reason it has happened, with coding, you can write instructions for computers to follow through. This lets you make websites, software, applications and do some other cool stuff
So, we are partnering with schools to teach coding and advance coding (programming), run competitions among schools and reward great achievements

Expert Advice

We run SME's clinics quarterly

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Digital Marketing for Everyone

Are you looking to promote your brand and connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communications like email marketing, social media, and web-based advertising? We teach and promote organizations brand through digital marketing

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